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Meet Carducator. He may seem one-dimensional (because he is), but he's serious about stopping the irresponsible use of debit, credit and ATM cards. Like many superheroes, he has a mysterious past and a quirky sidekick: Swipe the dog. Together, they're working to rid the world of irresponsible card use.
Carducator The carducation process is simple, but effective:
  • Using his keen sidekick senses, Swipe detects when someone is about to use a card recklessly and immediately alerts Carducator.
  • Moving at the speed of a weightless stick figure, Carducator rushes to the scene. With a wave of his cape, he freezes the unsuspecting teen or adult before the damaging transaction can take place.
  • While his targets are frozen, Carducator educates them about the importance of using cards responsibly. This "carducation" process, though painless, inspires even the most irresponsible card users to change their ways.
  • Swipe, slowed by his short legs, arrives just in time to bark at the newly carducated individuals, unfreezing them and sending them off to use their cards responsibly and share the lessons they've learned.
Carducator's powerful skills and message are changing the way people use debit, credit and ATM cards. Who knows where he (and Swipe) will turn up next...but as long as people continue racking up debt, paying crazy interest rates or compromising their credit, Carducator will fight to stop them—and now you can help.

By entering the Get Carducated contest, you can help more people get carducated—and you could win a $5,000 college scholarship or other great prizes.